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Are You Hiding YOU & Your Creations From The World?

YOU being small, invisible and insignificant is of service to no-one - including you, your bank balance and the people who need exactly what you are offering!

If you are an entrepreneur or change agent with gifts for the world that only you can offer; a creative spark in a world of grey; a writer, blogger, a speaker or performer with 'stage-fright' or even a healer or coach who is hiding your brilliance from the clients who need it most, this telecall series is for you...

Why? I remember what it was like to...
> Not want to put my name or picture on the internet (I even came up with a fake name...)

> Hate every picture I had of myself and so never show up as me...

> Refuse to do video because I looked so awful and couldn't put a coherent sentance together...

> Never put my work into the world consistently because I thought no-one was interested.

> Not even ask about speaking engagements because the whole idea of speaking to an audience freaked me out...

> Take my friends to networking events because I was too shy to go alone...

> Not say things on social media or at events because I didn't want people to judge me

> Not create my ideas because I thought they weren't good enough...

And my list of what I used to refuse to be and do is much longer than this... Just for a moment, make your list of what you aren't being or doing that is stopping you from showing up in the world... Is it time to stop depriving the world of YOU?

Are you willing to make a demand of YOU that you change these things... or are you still going to be wishing for them to change three years from now?

The Unhiding YOU three-part telecall series includes the tools I've used over the past few years that make it easy and enjoyable for me to:

> speak on stages and at events all over the world...

> connect with the people who desire to contribute to my work being seen all over the world...

> show up consistently and with a lot more comfort, ease and joy!

> be invited as a guest on radio shows, become a regular guest blogger on Huffington Post and be launching multiple books.

And this is just the start!

Imagine having the bliss of showing up as you... not making yourself less than anyone else, not being scared of being seen, not hiding anymore, not caring what other people think... Even if you are an introvert. Even if you want to cry when you get in front of an audience. Even if your nerves have always stopped you before.

There is another way. It's kind to you. And it allows you to get started with things you never thought would be possible for you!

Three pre-recorded telecalls where I talked with a live audience about the things that stop you, where we asked questions to bring up the energy that keeps you stuck and then used the amazing Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement to change that energy and open the way for you to be YOU in public with a whole lot more ease!

It's the fastest way to change things that are stuck. You don't have to relive things or dig around to find out where it all started. We can change your future and your willingness to be famous with ease! Are you ready?

Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
Creation Catalyst

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Unhiding YOU - the Telecall Series
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Introduction to Access Consciousness®
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Call #1
Call 1
Clearing Loop - Audio
Home Play & Written Clearings
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Call #2
Call 2
Clearing Loop - Call 2
Home Play & Clearings - Call 2
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Call #3
Call 3
Clearing Loop
Home Play & Written Clearings
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