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You know your business could be receiving *way more money*!

And when you look at how many money doors you have wide open,

there are not as many as your clients would love to choose from.

OUCH! That is money that you'll never receive!

Is your business asking you to ignite the sparks of inspiration that will expand your empire faster?

ARE YOU READY FOR 5 DAYS OF INCOME STREAM CREATION, together with other inspiring entrepreneurs online?



> A Business Alchemy Lab resource kit of ideas and 'how-to' tactics for creating new income streams.

> Daily mini live videos to help you find faster, more fun ways of creating your income streams.

> We'll be 'hands-on' creating together live online for 2 hours mid-week, for momentum & finishing power!

> Daily inspiration emails to help you create the 'right' ideas to increase your money flows.

> Daily energy clearing loop for what stops you creating the income you deserve.

> Inspiration, support and a space to share your wins and challenges via our private Facebook Lab.


> Everything in the 'ORIGINAL' level offer, PLUS:

> Two 60 minute *Interactive* Zoominars with Lisa Murray. (These are for all premium members, not individual sessions.)

> Bonus content from the first round of the Creating Income Streams Intensive that was held in November 2016 - to explore at your leisure!


> Everything in the Original & Premium Level offers, PLUS...

> A one hour Personal Strategy Session with Lisa Murray focused on your specific income stream creation strategies.

What would you most like to get clear on? (Personal Strategy Session must be used within 60 days of the program starting. It can also be used prior to the program.)


  • You'll discover income stream ideas you hadn't even considered.
  • You'll create faster during the week by tapping into the group energy of creation.
  • You'll create multiple income streams and have a flexible system for creating more.
  • You'll discover new ways of creating your ideas - faster, easier, more playfully!
  • Money will start to flow in much faster, as soon as your energy is directed towards receiving it.


Lisa Murray is a creation catalyst who helps multi-creative entrepreneurs and change-makers create their ideas in nurturing, playful ways. She’s a word alchemist. A nurturer of possibilities (and people!). A lover of ideas. An unconventional business coach. An irreverent creator of new realities. Play with Lisa and you’ll get to explore the clarity that comes from discovering creative edges that take you where logic cannot.

Her book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' launched in 2016 and her second book ‘Creating Beyond Burnout’ will be available in early 2017. Lisa is the founder of Creativity Lab, has an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. Join Lisa for adventures in creating via www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com and www.CreativityLab.tv


"I can't stop telling people about Lisa Murray. It's wild because the space of her energy is transformative. Just being part of her Creativity Lab Facebook group creates international connection, change and catapults creations. Then I was a part of her Income Stream Creation Intensive class. WOW. I still have only completed half of it because I am so busy with creating and jobs, that I haven't had time to finish it yet. I hope to meet her one day and give her a hug of gratitude!!!" Tara McCallam, Artist, USA

The things that have been opening up in my world are jaw dropping....... My body has changed, there is a strength to me now I never knew I had... And I have uncovered a gift I've been in denial of for at least 10 years. Lisa is willing to be an energy that questions & changes everything... So grateful & excited for the future I'm now creating." Kerri Hoffman, Australia - after the first 'Creating Brilliant Businesses' Call Series.

"I have taken telecalls, monthly programs and had individual sessions with Lisa Murray! I adore her and her willingness to choose more! She is so willing to give her all. I have had SO MUCH more sense of possibility since our session. It is like those limitations that were so real are no longer alive or valid. I can find possibility in pretty much everything now!Thanks Lisa for being YOU! xo" Laurie Laursen, Canada - after a private coaching session.

"I've recently undergone a big un-hiding! It's not the easiest thing in the world to come right on out and say, "I'm a dominatrix" but I did. And Lisa Murray was right there ready to create with me, asking if I'd like to be on her Adventurous Creator podcast. The questions she asked me when we talked made it SO easy for me to open my mouth and let brilliance out. No judgment, just her quick, inquisitive nature ready to unearth the "goods" I'd been silently collecting all that time I was in the closet. I've nicknamed her the Brilliance Facilitator because that's what she is: An invitation to see the brilliance in you that even you may have over looked or not put into words yet but soon will." Georgia Watson, USA

“Lisa has an amazing way of being and facilitating that invites people to step into more creating, and to step into more fun with creating. What?! You can have fun with creating?!!? I was feeling a lot of blank spaces around my creative process; and after being on her call series, I had so many more ideas and enthusiasm around what I’d like to create. It actually DID feel like an adventure, and fun!!!

Lisa Murray really has an awareness of the nuances of creating, and she is able to get into the nooks and crannies of the different places and spaces we stop ourselves. She asks questions around those areas and is able to pinpoint those sticking points that keep us from truly being the amazing creator that we each are and BE. Thank you Lisa! I’ve only taken a 3-call teleseries (totalling 3 hours) with her, and I’m already creating so much more. And the blocks I thought I had are gone. What else is possible now? Thank you Lisa!” With warmest regards, Sylvia Remington, USA

"OMG Lisa, can I just say THANK YOU so much!!! Since taking on this challenge I'm attracting a massive amount of good stuff. I realised that I was playing too small and hiding. No more I say! I have been featured in 2 major publications in the last 24 hours AND am going to be interviewed on The Today Show in the morning!!! Soooo grateful to you and this challenge for unlocking it in me!" Danielle Wicks, Australia - after the 'Moving Beyond Fear' 7 Day Challenge.

"I am so incredibly grateful for the session with Lisa Murray. I was crying, scared and kind of frozen before we got started. I had put myself into a tricky situation and I felt as if I had to deal with the worst Mafia in the world. The session was amazing! My energy totally changed. Lisa is an extraordinary, kind person and her presence is so powerful. There are people that contribute to you by their simply being. Lisa is one of those people to me. Her presence invites you to be present as well. I perceive her extremely fast in her awareness and she does it with so much ease! When you leave the session, you find yourself energized and with a shiny smile on your face." Corinne Rhyner, Switzerland.


The 'Original' offer offers incredible value and is great for a simple introduction to Lisa's creative magic with creating money. You'll get a sense of what's possible! It's a super sweet price to allow *anyone* who desires to come on the adventure to be able to play.

The 'Premium' offer is for anyone who knows this is exactly what they are asking for and who desires greater interactivity with Lisa during the 5 day creation adventure. It includes 2 x 60-90 minute interactive calls on Zoom where we'll delve into your personal questions more dynamically.

Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
Creation Catalyst

Course Curriculum

Resources for Creating Income Streams
Resource Links
Creating Income Streams - Playbook (Part 1)
Video Replays - Round 1 November 2016
A Conversation about Pricing :)
Zoominar - #1 (This is the quiet session - great for creating to!)
Zoominar #2 (This one has lots of questions & conversation)
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